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Ox and Marko's Dad Joke Book

Ox & Marko's Dad Joke Book

Ox & Marko's Dad Joke Book


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Have a laugh, and save a life!

Introducing the ultimate weapon in the dad joke arsenal: Ox & Marko's Dad Joke Book! Brace yourself for an explosion of laughter, groans, and eye-rolls as you navigate through this hilarious compendium of pun-tastic goodness.

With Ox & Marko's Dad Joke Book in hand, you'll instantly transform into the funniest dad at the family gatherings, work meetings, or even during those long, awkward elevator rides. This book is jam-packed with knee-slappers, side-splitters, and "oh-no-they-didn't" zingers that will have everyone rolling their eyes in sheer delight.

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